Watch out for seven life details that ruin your body

Watch out for seven life details that ruin your body

Hungry before eating: Many people in life do not eat on time, and a considerable part of them do not eat breakfast, one of the reasons is “not hungry.”

In fact, the food stays in the stomach for only 4-5 hours, and the stomach is empty when you feel obese.

The gastric mucosa is then “self-digested” by the gastric fluid, causing gastritis or peptic ulcers.

Diet regulations, nutritional balance is an essential material basis for health care.

Coarse grains are good but not too much.

  Drink when you are thirsty: Do not drink water when you are thirsty. Quite a lot of people drink water when they are thirsty, especially teenagers and “busy people”.

They don’t understand that thirst is a reaction to dehydration in the body, and then it is too late to add water.

Water is more important for human metabolism than food. Physiologists tell us that every adult needs about 1500 milliliters of water per day.

Drinking a glass of water in the morning or an hour before a meal can cause precipitation, which can wash and break down, but also help digestion and promote appetite.

According to surveys, the prevalence of constipation and urinary tract stones is significantly lower in people with regular drinking habits than in those who drink less often.

  Take a break before you get tired: Many people mistakenly think that tiredness is a signal that they should rest. In fact, it is the “feeling” of physical fatigue.

Excessive fatigue tends to accumulate fatigue, reduce the body’s immunity, and make the disease multiply.

Definitely a mental or manual worker, you must rest or adjust appropriately after continuous work.

  Sleeping when you are sleepy: Drowsiness is a sign of rather tired brain, not that you do n’t go to sleep until then.

Sleeping on time not only protects the brain, but also improves sleep quality and reduces insomnia.

About 1/3 of a person’s life is spent in sleep, and sleep is an important physiological process in metabolism.

Only by developing the habit of sleeping regularly and ensuring that you sleep more than 7 hours a day, can you maintain the normal operation of the central biological clock.

  Wait until you are in a hurry: Many people only go to the toilet when their intentions are obvious.

Stool and urine stay in the body for too long, easily cause constipation or excessive filling of the bladder, toxic substances in stool and urine are absorbed by human body weight, which can lead to “self poisoning”.

Therefore, the habit of defecation should be developed, especially in the morning, to reduce the incidence of hemorrhoids, constipation, and colorectal cancer.

  Only lose weight when you get fat: Obesity patients are increasing every day as living standards improve.

The main causes of obesity are overeating, excess nutrition, and lack of exercise.

These incentives can be prevented before the weight is exceeded, such as controlling diet, preventing overeating, adjusting diet, and strengthening physical exercise.

There are currently no ideal weight loss pills on the market, so weight loss is not as good as preventing obesity.

  Treat only when you are ill: The disease should be prevention-oriented, waiting for the disease to cause damage to the body.

There is a signal when the disease arrives. The sub-health state that some people often say is the prelude to the disease.

Normally, you should strengthen exercise, improve your ability to resist disease, and feel sub-health of your body, you must pay attention to it, and eliminate the disease in the bud state.