Self-massage makes the nose breathable

Self-massage makes the nose “breathable”

Traditional Chinese medicine acupoint massage can effectively prevent allergic rhinitis and other various chronic rhinitis. The specific steps are as follows: Prepare posture: sit upright with your eyes looking straight ahead, focus your attention, relax your whole body, and rub your palms.
  The first section: Hold the Fengchi acupoints on both sides with the thumbs of both hands, the other fingers can cover the head, and rotate and press 4 8 beats (1 beat for 1 rotation).
  Second quarter: Rotate and knead with your right hand and middle finger and press 4 8 beats in Baihui Point.
  Third quarter: Rotate and knead the temples with two index fingers of both hands for 8 beats.
  Fourth quarter: Press the Yintang acupoint with your two index fingers, and then push outward along the eyebrow to the temple for two 8 beats.
  Section 5: Rotate and knead the two eyesight points with the index finger of both hands for 8 beats.
  Section 6: Rotate and knead Yingxiang Acupoint with two 8-beats.
  Section VII: Rub the hands of the small fish, and massage the two points of Jingming and Yingxiang back and forth from top to bottom.
  Section 8: Finally, rub the palms of both hands again and massage the entire face from the inside to the outside with warmth.
  Relevant acupoints ★ Fengchi acupoint: It is located behind the head, under the back skull, and in the two large rib pits, which are flush with the earlobe, one on each side.
Function: Shufeng Qingre, Cong Erming eyesight, refreshing the brain and resuscitation.
  ★ Baihui Point: It is located at the center of the top of the head, the intersection of the midline of the skull and the line connecting the tips of the ears.
Function: Yangyang lift depression, Yiqi solid off.
  ★ Temples: The temples are on both sides of the forehead, above the extension line of the outer corner of the eye, in the depression behind the two eyebrow tips, one on the left and one on the left.
Function: Qufeng heat, clear head and eyesight.
  ★ Yintang acupoint: It is located at the forehead, at the midpoint of the line connecting the two brows.
Function: Shufeng Qingre, analgesic, clear brain and eyesight.
  ★ Eye Acupoint: It is located in the depression above the inner corner of the eye, one on each side.
Function: cooling and removing turbidity.
  ★ Yingxiang Point: about one centimeter outside the nose, one inside the nasolabial fold, one on the left.
Function: clearing heat, dispersing wind, tongqiao.