Glasses give the eyes a curtain

Glasses give the eyes a curtain

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, sometimes we also need to draw curtains for them.

In the hot sun, the light is burning, just applying sunscreen is not enough. According to medical reports, the ubiquitous ultraviolet rays can also hurt your eyes.

At this time, wearing a pair of sunglasses will not only protect your eyes, but also make you a replacement!

For those who have a strong desire to express themselves, sunglasses are a “fashion statement” and an expression of individualism.

  There is no doubt that sunglasses have risen from the role of small gadgets to become an important weapon for personal image creation. Today, like sunglasses, fashion sunglasses are very prominent in design and exude a full metropolis smell.

In addition, the replacement of materials is also more diverse. Sheets and precious metals have come out, especially titanium. The use of titanium is the best-this is mainly used in men’s sunglasses, and women’s plastic frames.

  Sun protection is essential. Sunglasses are coated with a layer of colored film on the lenses. It has SPF. When you buy, it is best to find a qualified eyewear company, choose a brand with a reputation, and ask the glasses company.People can help you measure its SPF index, it is best to buy one that can resist UVA and UVB.

  In addition to the fashionable style is the basis for selection, the most important anti-ultraviolet function is indispensable. Otherwise, only the appearance design and fashion are displayed, but the most important sun protection function is ignored. After a summer, your eyes and eye area will probably be affected. “Very hurt “!

  The color of the lenses that protect the eyes earlier is brown, dark green, and gray, because the type color can effectively filter the strong light without causing visual discrimination errors.

Usually, the color of the lens is too dark or too light, which is not good for the eyes. Too deep a color can easily cause pupil dilation, but it will make the eyeball absorb more ultraviolet and infrared light in the light, which will cause more damage.Filtering light, let alone anti-UVA, UVB functions, the protection of the eyes is almost equal to zero.

  The plastic frame and jelly large-size interlayer lenses are not necessarily more interesting to see the world, but outsiders will surely look more and more stylish; this summer, many brands have launched exaggerated sunglasses. The lenses are super large and super round., Chao Fang, it is difficult for people to think a few more times.


Hepburn’s oversized sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s made a comeback this season.

The jelly texture of the large plastic frame, the lens shows a gradual effect, and even curled eyelashes are visibly visible-this is one of the appealing effects of wearing sunglasses this year.

It’s fashionable to see people with colored glasses in the next layer.

  Functionally, the lens color is darker, and the frame is better.

But the trend is that light colors are more fragrant than dark colors. However, even light colors often have a bit of grayscale texture, such as light blue, light black, light brown, light green, light pink, and roses with a bit of gold.Gold, champagne gold, as well as amber, olive green, and fresh purple are all fresh colors this season; some have a thin layer of mercury on the lenses. The purpose of this design is that because of the reflection effect of mercury lenses, outsiders can only vaguelyThe eyes hiding behind the lens did not look so real, giving a mysterious beauty of distance.

The reflective mirror treatment reveals a youthful coolness; some glasses even use rivets on the logo, revealing a rigid and handsome style.

If you buy sunglasses, start with brighter colors, higher chroma, and sizes!

Specifically, the contrast between the color of the lens and the frame is slightly superior.

The mirror frame has rectangular, elliptical and square irregular shapes, and even cat-eye-like shapes with two corners rising slightly . I have to try it on before I know what frame I am suitable for.

  When buying colored lenses, choose colored lenses based on your skin tone. People with fair skin tone are suitable for all kinds of bright and bright lenses, and those with yellow skin tone. It is recommended to choose natural and earthy shades, such as champagne or powder close to skin tone.Orange; people with dark and dark skin may choose strong contrast portraits such as pink, bright yellow, and mustard green, which look healthy but not dirty.

  Also pay attention to makeup, do not apply eye shadow that contrasts with the color of the lens, the makeup color on the side should be in harmony with the frame of the sunglasses and the color of the lens.

In the selection of the shape of sunglasses, remember the principle of complementarity — round face formula, square face choose ellipse.

Specifically: square face: large pilot-style glasses can modify the prominent jaw lines; round face: facing the glasses makes you look pure and elegant; long face: cat glasses frame is the best choice, light brown lenses and colored plastic frames are the seasonThe latest design; melon seeds face: suitable for all shapes of sunglasses, the choice is so much that you will be full of joy.