[How to eat fresh lotus seeds]_ fresh lotus seeds _ how to make _ how to make

[How to eat fresh lotus seeds]_ fresh lotus seeds _ how to make _ how to make

When the lotus seeds reach the maturity season, we will see that many people often sell fresh lotus seeds. The fresh lotus seeds are peeled away and the lotus seeds are put in their mouths. They are sweet and crunchy when eaten directly, usually fresh lotus seeds.You can also make lotus seed lotus roots or cook lotus seeds, soak them in water and drink them. These methods are all right. Fresh lotus seeds are delicious no matter how you eat them.

When the lotus seeds mature, they will eat a fresh one.

Fresh lotus seeds contain nutrients that ordinary lotus seeds do not have.

So how to make fresh lotus seeds.

Ingredients Recipe Number: 172 (calorie) Main Ingredients Lotus Seeds 1 step / method Raw lotus seeds; if there is a skin, peel it off first, leaving only the flesh inside, which is the white part.

Clean it and soak it in clean water for about 20 minutes, it will become Microsoft. If the teeth are not good, you can soak for a while.

The core of the lotus seeds is bitter. Remember to remove the core when you eat.

The lotus seed core has the effect of removing fire and can be soaked in water.

Lotus seed porridge; very simple and practical home-made porridge.

Lotus seeds 50g, previously rice 100g.

Wash the lotus seeds together with the previous rice.

Boil the pan and cook together.

Boil until the lotus seeds are very messy.

Jujube lotus seed porridge; some kind of porridge that can nourish and nourish blood.

30g of lotus seeds, jujube (5-10) amount is enough.

60g of previous rice, wash lotus seeds, jujube, previous rice, and cook in a pot together.

When you cook the lotus seeds, you can put a few grains of rock sugar, then turn off the heat and let them cool.

Lotus seed heart makes tea; fresh lotus seed heart should be dried first, the effect of removing fire is good.

Dry the lotus seeds directly without cooking.

After drying, lotus seed heart makes tea to drink, which has a good effect of removing heat and detoxifying.

Mung bean lotus seed soup; drink in summer will be very cool and relieve heat, can detoxify heat.

Lotus seeds 50g, mung beans 150g, moderate sugar, lotus seeds can be soaked in advance, so easy to cook.

Rinse the lotus seeds and wash the mung beans together.

Add an appropriate amount of water and cook in a pressure cooker over high heat for about 15-20 minutes.

When it’s cold, just open the pot and put some rock candy in it. END Note Lotus seeds have bugs, so don’t use that core again.