[Hejia Wuxing Herbal Tea]_Efficacy_Strength

[Hejia Wuxing Herbal Tea]_Efficacy_Strength

The Five Elements Health Tea is guided by the theory of the traditional Chinese medicine which focuses on the development of the five internal organs homology series of health tea. Using tea as a simple alternative, it replaces the water of the manna., To nourish the body’s righteousness, regulate sub-health status, and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

The following is a detailed introduction to the effects of Jiawuxing Herbal Tea.

[Hejia five elements health tea]eight major effects: 1, hangover: Most of the regular drinkers will soon realize the unique hangover effect of Hejia Yanggan tea.

2, Jishu: the effect of regulating qi, diuretic and diuretic, can improve prostatitis and greatly reduce transaminase.

3. Fire reduction: Most people with strong liver fire have reached the fire reduction effect after drinking Hejia Health Tea.

4, detoxification: regular drinking and Jia health tea can diuretic and facilitate the discharge of some toxins in the body.

5, improve sleep: the vast majority of consumers with poor sleep status, sleep significantly improved.

6. Promote blood circulation: Sub-healthy people will have blood stickiness, which will obviously improve after replacement.

7, lower blood sugar: raw materials containing Acacia lobata and Luo Han Guo, often lower blood sugar.

8, Shengjin moisturizing throat: regular drink and Jia health tea will feel the throat is very comfortable, there is the effect of moisturizing throat.

The characteristics of the five-element health tea “Liver Heart Spleen Lung Kidney”, with good taste and efficacy, is known as a unique new health tea with unique charm!

Tang Liang, mellow, warm, fragrant, sweet, pure, full of vitality, endless taste.

The five-element health tea not only has the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst, clearing heat and detoxifying, clearing inflammation and diuretic, tuberculosis, liver and qi, protecting the stomach and nourishing kidney, but also the original tea-making process makes it not only full-bodied Wenhe, but also the rose of old wineThe soup also has the faint floral fragrance of tea, such as scented tea, Tieguanyin, and even other teas with unparalleled natural and refreshing sweetness and endless flavors. It is your daily health, and it is a stylish gift for your friends and relatives.

The King of Hundred Medicines Since ancient times, tea has been known as the ‘King of Hundred Medicines’.

It is cherished because tea can detoxify.

The 21st century belongs to the world of tea, and new tea products are emerging endlessly.

When various types of tea such as black tea and green tea prevailed in the market and they were in favor, there was a formula of health tea called “Heart, Heart, Spleen, Lung, Kidney and Kidney” with Jiawuxing health tea, which quietly rose across the country, attracting the attention of tea people and affecting the market.

Standing in Fengkou Langjian market, Jiawuxing health tea has created a new category of tea industry, and the essence of the world, Jiafang Jiajia; Wuxing health tea ‘liver heart spleen lung kidney’ formula patent health tea, was born!