What factors determine whether there are boys and girls

What factors determine whether there are boys and girls

Older generations like boys because they can continue the family incense, and now many young parents are more likely to be girls, because their daughters are caring and understanding; although there is no mature conclusion for boys and girls in medicine, people still want to control them.To give birth to a girl, here are a few things people often mention.

  Acidity and alkalinity of food According to many years of research and statistics, it has been proved that acidity and alkalinity of food do affect the probability of having boys and girls.

If you want to conceive a boy, women usually eat more alkaline foods, men should avoid a balanced diet; if you want to conceive a girl, women should avoid eating too much alkaline foods, but not too much acidic foods, so as not to affect their physical health,Both men and women can eat a balanced diet.

  Alkaline foods include: beans (with pods or green beans), vegetables, fruits (excluding bananas, plums, processed fruits), fresh milk, cereals (such as corn), tea, kelp, seaweed, yeast, iodine, calcium,Vitamin D.

  Acidic foods include: all meat, fish, dairy products other than fresh milk (such as cream, ice cream, cheese, flavored milk), rice and wheat flour products, canned foods, corn, protein, sour fruits, chocolate, beverages, vinegar.

  The sperm count of men will decrease with age, so the probability of having a girl is particularly high. This is a proven fact.

Similarly, women’s age increases, and due to the effect of the aggravating effect, the alkaline secretions in the uterus of complications decrease year by year, and the chance of giving birth to a girl also increases significantly.

Therefore, it is an indisputable fact that couples who have resisted at an older age are more likely to have daughters than young couples.

  Occupational factors According to statistical reports, men’s occupations are particularly high if they are long-time drivers (such as taxi drivers, truck drivers), flight attendants or pilots, anesthesiologists, and divers working in the deep sea.
This is because of strong changes in high temperature, air pressure or water pressure, or excessively excessive toxic anesthetic gas, leading to the death of the sperm with less vitality, leading to a particularly high chance of giving birth to a girl.

  Stress Factors Men’s long-term stress leads to a decrease in sperm counts; women who are too nervous can produce a strong acidic environment, which is unfavorable for sperm to survive.

Therefore, people who have too much work pressure and pressure to have children are particularly likely to give birth to girls.

If you want to have a boy, don’t stress too much and relax.

  If men usually wear bodysuits, they usually increase the temperature of the scrotum and reduce the number of sperm. The sperm of the boy will die first, which will increase the chance of giving birth to a girl and may cause temporary infertility.

If you want to have a boy, you must prevent the temperature of the scrotum from getting too high, so men should pay special attention not to wear tights.

  Vegetarian scientists are prone to having women. British scientists have found that vegetarian women are more likely to have daughters.

Moderator researcher Ms. Hudson said that there are no other studies exploring the impact of pregnant women’s diet on the sex of their children, and this study still shows that the vegetarian diet of pregnant women has a direct impact on the sex of their children.

Later research conducted by the University of Nottingham found that the number of boys and girls in the UK was 106 to 100, but vegetarians gave birth to 85 to 100 sons and daughters.

This data shows that vegetarian pregnant women are more likely to have daughters.

  Expert: The most important person with a constant gender ratio is naturally a very wonderful aspect of human reproduction. It is very consistent with human development. That is, the gender ratio of men and women has always remained relatively constant.And stability is of great significance to human reproduction and prosperity.

Some of the above-mentioned related factors are only theoretical inferences, and some are only Lenovo’s guesses. They have not been studied systematically, comprehensively, and in large samples, and therefore lack scientificity.

If you can really change the pH of your diet, change your vegetarian diet, etc., you can change the probability of having boys and girls. I’m afraid I haven’t been convinced enough.