Belly aerobics jump out of good figure

Belly aerobics jump out of good figure

Core tip: The following people have no time to participate in fitness exercises due to various reasons of work and life, causing their bodies to slowly begin to deform.

Today I will take everyone to learn a set of abdomen aerobics that can shape the devil’s body, and quickly get to know it.

  First, arch back movement 1, ready posture: kneeling, holding up, straight back.

  2. Actions: arch back, lower head, contract abdominal muscles, keep posture for 5 seconds, restore.

Repeat 8 times.

Exhale when contracting the abdominal muscles, and inhale when reducing.

  Second, the legs should lie flat, with the left arm extended flat, the left leg straight, the right leg flexed and propped up, and the right arm laid flat on the side of the body.

Keep your front arm close to the ground, lift your left arm forward, and lift your left leg backwards.

Repeat 12 times, then change the right arm and do the right leg 12 times.

The main point is to abdomen and keep your hips straight.

  3. Sit in a twisting motion, with both arms hanging down naturally, with the left leg bent and the right leg raised, the right leg bent with the knee raised, and the foot outside the left thigh.

The upper body is twisted to the right, with your left hand on your right heel, your right hand on the floor behind you, your eyes on your right shoulder.

Hold your posture for 20 seconds.

Change direction and do the same.

Repeat 2 times each.

Abdomen and take a deep breath when turning.

  Fourth, straight waist exercise 1, ready posture: supine, back on the ground, legs bent knees apart, body flat on the side of the body.

  2, action: abdomen muscles, slowly raise the waist until only the shoulders touch the ground.

Keep the back straight for 4 seconds.

Then slowly lower the waist to restore.

Do this 12 times.

  Fifth, body flexion exercise 1, ready posture: sit cross-legged, hands on the body side ground.

  2. Action: Slide your left hand to the left, flex your upper body vertically, lift your right arm, and then swing to the left, then flex to the left 4 times to restore.

Do it 4 times on the right.

Repeat twice.

The elbow does not move during side flexion, and the movement should be slow and rhythmic.

  Six, rowing exercise 1, ready posture: sitting position, legs bent knees apart, arms raised flat, palms down.

  2. Action: Hands stretch forward with upper body forward flexion, head extended to knees, restore.

Do it once every 6 seconds and repeat it 24 times.

Abdomen with the back straight.

Exhale when the upper body flexes forward and inhale when it straightens.

  Seven, abdomen exercise supine, legs separated, waist is not attached to the ground, arms flat on the side of the body.

Tighten the abdominal muscles, keep the spine close to the ground, hold the posture for 6 seconds, then relax and restore.

Do this 12 times.
Exhale as you close your abdomen and inhale as you relax.