Perfection is a psychological injury

Perfection is a psychological injury

Perfection is a kind of injury to the “Book of Tea” written by the Japanese man, Kurokaoka Tenshin, and there is such an interesting story: The Tea Master Qian Lixiu watched his son Shaojiu clean the garden.

When the son finished his work, the tea master said, “Not clean enough.

“Ask him to redo it again.

Shaoyu spent another hour cleaning the garden.

Then he said, “Father, there is nothing left to do.

The stone steps were washed three times, and the stone lanterns were wiped many times.

The trees rushed through the water, and the moss shone green.

No leaf or leaf remained on the ground.

“The tea master repulsed,” Fool, this is not the way to clean the garden.

It’s like cleanliness.

As he said, he stepped into the garden, shaking a tree vigorously, shaking off golden, red leaves.

The tea master said that cleaning the garden requires not only cleanliness, but also beauty and nature.

  In everything, it is important to maintain a modest margin and common sense.

Hard work and self-requirement of the plateau are virtues, but once the demand is extremely dry and perfect, it becomes demanding, neither the possibility of self-cultivation nor the mood will be happy.

  Whether it’s work or dealing with people, we must do our best and change with each passing day, but we don’t have to be too demanding.

It is good for a person to be diligent in work, but if family and health are neglected because of work, in the long run, the picture of life must lead to deviation.

When a person is desperate to chase the tail of happiness, but because of partiality, he is farther away from happiness.